Bucket Style Skill Work

You might notice some changes in our programming as we shift into a new phase of training beginning tomorrow.  For example tomorrow we’re introducing “bucket” style structured gymnastics work.  We’ve done stuff like this before, but in case you don’t know, here is how to use it when you show up to Thermal.

There are four “buckets” tomorrrow A,B,C, and D.  Most of you will fall into one of these buckets, simply look at the options and chose which bucket is appropriate for your experience and ability.  Some of you may need variations of the prescriptions, but those changes will be simple for our coaches to put in place for you.  If you’re not sure where you land – ask your coach, we see you guys everyday and we’ll know where you land.

The reason behind this is that as coaches we find that more “work” gets done when we prescribe specific rep schemes and loads for our athletes.   Tomorrow’s skill work, is an example of how specific training completed outside of WODs can make you better.  It can be easier to improve and have breakthroughs on skill items when you’re working in an untimed environment.  Have fun and get ready to get better!

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