Starting at a young age TJ was always interested playing sports and growing up he tried everything from soccer and lacrosse to gymnastics. Throughout high-school he stuck with football, basketball, and baseball and despite having the opportunity to play football in college he decided not to pursue collegiate level athletics. After joining a fraternity and gaining and retaining the freshman 15 for all 4 years, he decided to start working out seriously after graduating college. Bouncing around a few typical gyms (LA fitness, Retro fitness, etc) yielded little to now results. Living outside of Philadelphia he decided to supplement the gym by joining sport and social leagues. After belonging to a gym, playing in a flag football, basketball, and dodgeball social leagues simultaneously and still not seeing his strength and conditioning improve, he knew he had to make a change. After doing some research of crossfit gyms nearby work he came across Thermal, after speaking with Vin and experiencing his first few classes he was hooked. Ever since joining Thermal he has hit new PRs and surpassed goals he never thought he could achieve. Having never done a snatch or overhead squat when starting he has been able to steadily get more mobile and increase the amount of weight he can move. He never thought he would be able to do a muscle up or compete in a crossfit competition. Not only has Thermal changed his strength and conditioning but it has given him the confidence to work on movements that once intimidated him and continue to get better!

3 rounds for time:
15 push presses, 115/75#
17 pull-ups
200m run
22 box jumps, 24/20″
15 deadlifts, 115/75#
200m run

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