Buddy Personal Training

Kelly and Erin

Have you been interested in doing private training but haven’t made the dive into
it yet? Or do you have a friend or two that you want to train with? Well, here at CrossFit
Conshohocken, our “Buddy PT” program has been picking up a lot of steam. We’ve received a ton of questions about how to get started and figured it was time for a quick post.

What: “Buddy PT” is 2-on-1 private training with a friend. This is still a 1-hour session tailored around what you and your friend would like to work on. That could be be strength related, a focus on Olympic lifting, or gymnastics work, you name it and we’ll help you reach your specific goals.

Who: This program is aimed at folks who want to streamline an aspect of their fitness. While we believe that if you could only train either in a group or privately , group is usually the best thing! However for certain aspects of fitness a one on one, or two on one environment can provide a ton of additional benefits. When it comes to customization and personal attention – this offering is awesome!

Why: Because of the attention you receive in a private or semi private session, our coaches are able to meet you exactly where you are in your fitness journey. They’re able to challenge you with additional tools and concepts that are unavailable in the group setting. It goes without saying, “Buddy PT” is more economical than traditional private training, and it often comes with a little more fun!

How Much Though? You can get started with “Buddy PT” for just $45 per session. No long term commitments are required and you can also purchase a 5 or 10 pack of sessions to be used at your discretion and with no expiration date. If I were a member, I’d have an unlimited membership for classes, but also once or maybe twice every 3 weeks or so I would use a Buddy PT session. I would take class for fun sweat fest type of stuff I’m good at, then focus my Buddy PT sessions on things like muscle-ups, Oly lifting and other higher skill moves. Its a great and affordable add on that we’re excited to bring to the community.

Now that you have a basic idea of what goes on, let’s talk about some of our
valued members that do these Buddy sessions on a weekly basis. Erin M. and Kelly F.
came to us wanting to focus on some gymnastics movements and upper body
strength. With some time, and those ladies putting in the work Erin was able to hit her
first Handstand Push-ups and Kelly reached her goal of getting a strict pull-up!

Or Take it from Mike;

“Coach Vin works with Jeff and I once per week, he knows exactly where we are as individuals. Knowing the specific weights to use and how hard to push us has translated really well into how I attack group workouts. As a result I get a ton of value out of the Buddy PT sessions, but I have doubled the value of my group sessions as well” – Mike L

If you want to get in on some of this personalized work with a friend, come talk to us
to get more information on how to start! We’d love to hear from you!