CFC Benchmarks 2022

Prove to yourself that you have improved yourself, with 2022 Benchmark workout testing

I think the saying goes something like, “if you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail”

With that in mind, and the fact that we’ve got a brand new year unfolding in front of us, we wanted to take an opportunity to lay out an overview of this year’s training plan.  Everyone knows that we believe in the idea of testing and re-testing certain workouts to track progress.  It’s not just for bragging rights, but it’s the way we deliver results.  Whatever your individual goals are; get stronger, lose weight, have more energy, or improve your cardio, we want to get you there.  The CrossFit methodology is something that we fully subscribe to, and we believe that if you “improve your work capacity over broad time and modal domains” (CrossFit’s OG tag line) then you will realize your goals.

In years past, we certainly did miniature cycles, wherein we would test an element then 5 weeks later we would re-test that element.   What we’re doing this year to improve upon that is simply taking another step back and gaining a bird’s eye view of the year as a whole and adding more relevant and frequent testing.  Everyone remembers the 1RM dead lift and 1-mile test right?  Those were great, but they weren’t always so much fun, and they only tested one element of your fitness at a time.

With your help, and that of the coaching staff, we have curated our top 12 benchmarks for 2022.  Some of these are house favorites, some are old school CrossFit and others have been created by some of the top trainers in the CrossFit world.

We’ll test all of these 2-3 times in 2022, we’ll develop training plans to help you improve on these benchmarks and execute them in our daily WODs.  When the dust settles, if you’ve improved on these 12 workouts – you’ll have gotten that much closer to your fitness goals.  These will be the focus of our training, but as always your approach will be individualized by our Coaching staff.  Let’s trust this process and crush it in 2022.

*stay tuned for additional strength, and skill elements that will serve to deliver even more fitness metrics.