Congratulations Tanya

September 2022 Member of the Month

Did you know, that Tanya was the also the member of the month back in June of 2015? Whoa!!!!

Tanya grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She was never into sports and winter PE (like cross-county skiing) was her least favorite subject in school (to the extent that her PE teacher was getting concerned about her future 😊) She moved to the U.S. in 2001. Fast forward to August 2014 when she noticed that growing older had some negative effects and decided to make some changes in her life. Her friend had been talking about his addiction to CrossFit for years and was a huge fan of Vinny and the CrossFit Thermal that Vinny had opened in Conshohocken. Tanya decided to give it a try. Somehow, she immediately fell in love with it and signed a contract right after her first 6 AM class. It was one of the best decisions she had ever made. For her, it became so much more than a fitness class.

Being a part of this amazing community helped her go through some of the most difficult parts of her life. Tanya met and became friends with a wide range of incredible people that she would have never met otherwise. She considers that her biggest CrossFit accomplishment. Special shout-out to Vinny, Travis, and the rest of the knowledgeable, outstanding coaches and of course the morning crew, who make every morning the best part of the day.