What’s In The Box – September 2022

September is here gang, and we’ve got a lot coming your way this month!

Monthly Focus:

For the next four weeks our mini-cycle focus will be on the Back Squat and Strict Pulling movements.  These are two elements of our macro improvement plan.  We’re really encouraging you all to be here on these training days, as we know you’ll see great results.  In fact, this month we’re tipping our hand and announcing part of the training calendar. 

On Alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays* in the month, we’ll be hitting some type of back squatting.  If you show up these days, there is no way that you won’t get stronger!

Back Squat – September, 1,6,15,20 and 27

You can expect to see strict pulling variations on Mondays and Wednesdays as follows.

Strict Pulling – September 5,14,19 and 28

If you’re working on improving your hanging gymnastics, whether kipping, or strict, these days are “musts” for you!

Other Benchmarks For This Month

Christine” – 9/9

“Bust-A-Move” (CFC HOUSE WOD) – 9/13

Speaking of Benchmarks – here is a look back at Chloe rounding out “DT” as RX for the first time ever! Congrats , Chloe!

New Members:

August saw our biggest increase in new group training members of the entire year!  This month we welcomed 16 new faces to the community.  Here are some of them! Meet Josh, Maicol, Matt, Alyssa, Ashley, Shivani and Kyle.

Congratulations Tanya!

Tanya takes this month’s prize for the September Member of the Month.  Fun fact, Tanya is the first person in the 9-year history of the gym to receive this honor twice!  Don’t miss a workout in her honor on Wednesday 9/21.  Read more about Tanya here.

House Keeping

While using the Forge, if you MUST have your bag with you, please keep it on or under the bench in the corner. Why do we care? Because we want to maximize our floor space for fitness and we don’t need to be tripping over bags during peak hours. We also hold a high standard when it comes to the organization of the gym floor. We are a premium gym and we need to look the part for new and current members. I know you got a sweet new, NoBull backpack ( I love my King Kong jawn too ) , but just grab one of the 6 pairs of shoes out of it and your jump rope, and you’ll be just fine. We don’t want to actually enforce the “Bags Stay In the Changing Room” policy, so help us out and just keep that area clutter free gang, thank you!