Congratulations to The Winners!!!

And the winners are…….Trish, Stacey and Heather!!!!

Today we would like to officially congratulate the winners of the CrossFit Thermal Nutrition Challenge.  It took some time to get through everyone’s submissions but in the end these 3 ladies came out on top.  Dedication and team work were the most important ingredients in this winning recipe.  These ladies had excellent journal entries, took before and after pics, and also had impressive improvements in body fat readings (based on individual goals).  What has been most impressive is their continued commitment to improve themselves and others through proper nutrition.  On several occasions Trish has asked me for additional body fat measurements just to make sure things are still heading in the right direction.  She also has her husband Bob on the Paleo train, and he is now a member of CrossFit Thermal.  Stacey has been crushing workouts and showing signs of added strength and endurance on a daily basis.  Heather rounds out this trio, and has been nothing short of awesome in this year’s Open, falling just inches short of her first muscle up last Saturday.

The runner up for the challenge was was team Robin and Russ!  These two had an impressive effort.  I have to be honest though, I would eat anything that Robin makes, and so I’m not sure how truly challenging it was to be Russ during this whole thing…ha ha!!

Finally, an honorable mention goes to Mike Lyon!  Let’s be honest, this guy looks like a different person right?  Great effort, Mike!

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