Crossfit and the Holidays

The holidays can be a crazy time for everyone. What once seemed like a far off date on the calendar is now less than a week away. As we get closer to the holidays everything seems to get amplified – you realize you aren’t anywhere near being done with gift shopping, you suddenly discover that your house is in no condition for visitors, you get the picture. The point is that what should be a wonderful, relaxing time is often very stressful.

We have a two part solution for you to blow off some steam – first, be selfish and second, move your body. Let me explain the selfish part… with all the craziness of the holidays we often get out of our normal routine. It’s really important to carve some time out of your day for yourself. Ideally, it would be an hour down here at CrossFit Thermal but it could even be locking your bedroom door to get some privacy.

The second part of the solution is to move and be active. You know you will be moving if you come to Thermal for a wod but you can also bang out 100 push-ups for time at home. Where ever you do it, I always find that taking a bit of time to get away from all of the holiday madness and letting myself be active helps reduce some of the stress. There’s no reason why the holidays should put a damper on your fitness or your happiness!