Never Too Old to Climb

One of the first things people notice when they start checking out CrossFit, is that the tools and equipment we use for conditioning are a little bit different than traditional gyms. Of course barbells are everywhere, and you can usually find a place to do pull-ups in any fitness facility, but something like a climbing rope is usually only found in a CrossFit box! Maybe you can remember 6th grade gym class, when climbing up a rope might have happened once or twice a year. Perhaps, you went away to summer camp and they had a rope to swing on there. But rarely as an adult have there been opportunities to take to the playground in the spirit of fun and health.

Its CrossFit workouts like todays, which make me feel like a kid again. They make me think of long summer days running around and climbing on anything I could find. I’ll probably never get back to those days, but when I see a chance to capture a little bit of that in a 15 minute workout I always try to grab it. I’m sure over the Holidays; I’ll get the ever so common question from family of “why do you spend so much at the gym”? I guess it’s a fair question, they probably don’t know that I get to throw barbells to the ground, swing like a monkey and climb a rope to the ceiling, all before 10am on a Saturday morning…

So, in the spirit of Sarah’s Grandfather, Henry Lotto who turns 100 years old this weekend, we’re breaking out the kids toys for the grown ups at CrossFit Thermal. Happy Birthday, Hank.

“…when did we all resolve to growing up means stand aside?” – Go Radio