CrossFit Thermal Hosts “Row’d Royalty”

When – CrossFit Thermal is happy to host Row’d Royalty Workouts every Friday afternoon starting at 3:30 as well as every Saturday morning at 8am.


Row’d Royalty was born in 2012 in California. Several athletes claimed to be the “Best rower in the gym” and were eager to prove themselves. All members were encouraged to participate, even if only for fun. The response was incredible, and everyone had a blast – because anyone can row!

Now, Row’d Royalty is open to the whole CrossFit community and beyond. Let’s find out who the best rowers are in our Affiliates, Community, and the World! Each week for 4 weeks a rowing workout will be announced. You’ll have 4 days to complete the workout and submit your score.

Registration is Open
Cost Per Individual: $20.00 (Early Registration)

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