CrossFit Thermal Presents “Spider Monkey”


CrossFit Thermal Presents “Spider Monkey”

As we begin our next training phase we set our eyes on the 2018 CrossFit Games Open and we’ll need our gymnastics to be on point. This phase focuses on developing quality movement patterns and building capacity. CrossFit Thermal presents “Spider Monkey”, our first annual 7 week gymnastic capacity cycle.

For Day One we’ll be working on strict pull-up and handstand push-up progressions. Since we all enter this cycle in different places with regard to our ability in these disciplines, please keep the following movement hierarchy in mind. Keep these progressions handy throughout the phase.

When selecting the movement appropriate for your ability you should choose the movement(s) that allows you to complete perfect reps for the volume required on that day of training.

Gymnastics Phase Strict Pulling Hierarchy

Strict MU
Strict C2B Pull-ups
Strict Pull-ups
Horizontal Ring Rows / Inverted Barbell Row
Assisted Pull-ups
Ring Rows

Additional Assistance Options
Rows (DB/Barbell and KB)
Seated Low Banded Rows
Scap Retractions
Ring and Barbell Static Holds
Active Hang

Gymnastic Phase Handstand Hierarchy

Strict Deficit Handstand Push-up
Strict Handstand Push-up
Strict Handstand Push (reduced ROM)
Pike Push-ups
Box Pike Push-ups
Wall Walks

Additional Assistance Options
Dumbbell Strict Press (seated)
Kick-up hold
Overhead Hold / Carry

* some movements have not been included due to their acrobatic nature or other logistical challenges.