CrossFit Thermal’s Next 5 Week Training Phase

Upcoming Programming Phase for CrossFit Thermal

Starting Monday 10/19, CrossFit Thermal will begin a new structured strength program during our group classes.  Our membership base has grown both in size and in experience level and we feel that now is a good opportunity to increase the exposure to certain lifts and practices.  In the past, strength training has been done by having varying lifts and strength work completed over the course of different days of the week.  This worked well as most of us were beginners and simply needed to “move weight” to see improvements.  It was also a huge part of our identity as a CrossFit gym as we like to keep things constantly varied.  However, over the course of an athlete’s career it is important to employ different methods and levels of volume so that they continue to adapt and develop.

Don’t worry we’re not changing….

CrossFit Thermal isn’t changing; we’re just going to give you more of what you need!  We’re still going to hit strength and conditioning, we’re still going to hit those long chippers that we all love, we’re still going to do Fran and Grace and “Fight Gone Bad”, don’t worry!  The only thing that will be different over the next 5 weeks is you’re going to know what’s coming (for strength anyway).

Coaches Vinny and Chris have designed a structured strength program to be utilized exclusively at Thermal, and with Thermal athletes and their goals specifically in mind.  Based off of the wildly successful and respected “Texas Method” by Mark Rippetoe, we’re happy to bring the “Oak Strength” program to CrossFit Thermal.  Oak is designed to improve the strength and power of all of our athletes, through increased volume and progressive overloading in both the back squat and the press.

Oak Strength will be the daily WOD for the strength segment of our workouts for the next 5 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The program is designed to work even if you miss different days from week to week.   This rolling 3 day template will have you going for a new max every third day you’re in the gym!

Lot’s more info coming out on this exciting new training phase coming to Thermal, stay tuned for more information over the next 24 hours.

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