Endurance 4/27/2016

We are kicking off endurance season with a two part work out.  The first part is a baseline test to get a sense for where your times are on the 400M and 800M – we will use these times to measure progress throughout the season.  The second part is to get you moving with “Death By 20M”.  A play on Death By 10M but just a little longer.  For those that aren’t familiar, here’s how it works:   use a continuously running clock and run 20 meters (one length, from cone to cone)  the first minute, run 40 meters the 2nd minute (2 lengths), 60 meters at the 3rd minute… etc.  If you are unable to complete the full amount of work in the minute, take the next minute off and restart.  Your score is the last full round completed.

Part A: Baseline test – 400M for time, Full Recovery, 800M for time

Part B: Death By 20 Meters – 20 Minutes

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