Endurance 8/3/2016

CrossFit Thermal – Endurance

The first part of todays wod is a 1 mile time trial. Its the day you have been waiting for all summer, time to answer the question of how fast can you run a mile. This is about putting out a max effort to see where you are time wise. The second part is about recovery and focusing on maintaining pace. We are going to do 5x400M with a 1:1 work rest. The goal of the 400M is to hit or better your 400M split from your mile. For example, if you run a 8:00 mile on the time trial, that means your goal on the 5×400 is 2:00 or less on all 400M.

Part 1 – Time Trial
1600M – record time to WODIFY

Part 2 – Put in That Work
5x400M with 1:1 work/rest

Part 3 – Mobility
Calf rolling

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run

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