Every Sunday – For The Rest Of The Year!!

In October you guys brought us more referrals than we’ve ever seen, thank you. Lets keep this party going….

For the rest of 2019, every Sunday will be a “Bring a Friend” day at CrossFit Thermal. No drop in fees, no marketing play – just bring em on in! Our Sunday workouts are more endurance based and require far less movement capability than a normal weekday workouts. Because of this we have decided to Open or doors to your friends!

The only thing we require is for waivers to be completed prior to taking class. Ideally you can shoot over an email with your friends email address in advance so I can send them the waiver prior to arrival. If not they can also complete it onsite at the kiosk.

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with family or friends who you haven’t seen as much as you should, or with a new friend you’re looking to break the ice with. Why not use Thermal as your meeting place, and share what we do everyday with someone new!

Looking to earn store credit or a free month at Thermal? If your friend signs up, you’ll get just that, check out our referral program here.


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