Fall Cow Share – Details

Message From Bristol Zick of Zickview Farms;

What is “Cow Share” ?  In short, its a group of people (gym members in this case) pooling together to get a “share” of high quality beef.   We sell the meat by hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after initial slaughter. Take home weight is approximately 75-80% of this. Each share will break down to approximately 35% ground meat, 40% steaks and 25% roasts. For shares ΒΌ and larger you can have your beef custom cut, selecting which steaks and roasts you prefer. All meat is vacuum packed and labeled with cut name and weight. Steaks are packed in single packages. The meat is aged for 12 days before it is cut, vacuum packed and frozen. The meat will come frozen and will stay good for 18 months or longer if kept frozen.

We are a third generation family farm that raise grass-fed and finished Angus beef in Susquehanna County, PA. Our beef is born and raised on our farm and our animals are never given antibiotics or hormones. All our animals are pasture raised with free access to pasture spring, summer and fall. During the winter months the animals are fed stored forage
and have access to both the pasture and shelter in barns. Our stored forage consists of dry grass hay and sorghum sudan grass bale-age, both grown and cut from our fields. We do not use herbicides on our pastures or fields and only fertilize with manure. No chemicals are used to fertilize or for killing weeds.
If you have any questions call or text me at 484 994 9079.
Bristol Zick
Manager Zickview Farms