How to Tackle Festivus WOD 1

Drew hit me up about coming up with a strategy for WOD one of the Festivus comp that a bunch of our men are doing on 12/12.  Since I love talking about this stuff, here goes.  For purposes of this post I’m thinking about Drew’s numbers, so keep that in mind and extrapolate for yourself.

First thing you have to do is get through 4500 pounds of dead lifts, this is probably the easiest movement and you’ll be fresh, so we should load a good amount of weight here.  I like 185 for Drew on this (more for Gabe) you’ll be done in 24.5 reps, so that might be 2 quick sets.  Hit your burpees and then move to front squats.

Not sure if the front squats are from the rack or not, I doubt it, just based on how the comp environment will be.  It would be best to do 2 sets of 11 reps at 135, but I think that will be challenging, especially after the deads.  I would go 115 and hit sets of 10,10 and 6 with short breaks between.

Snatches, and I refuse to say “squat snatch”, because it would mean that I know nothing about real weight lifting.  This is one move where you have to check your ego.  People are going to say “I can snatch 135 for this” you shouldn’t.  You need to use a weight that you don’t have to set up for, think about, or worry about missing.  Best practice at this stage of the WOD will be to hit quick singles, maybe doubles if it feels light.

Drew, I like 95 or 105 for you on this.  Your lungs will keep you moving and you can hit that weight for 20 reps for sure.  Let me know if you dudes have questions.


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