Looking Back on the Brawl in the Burbs 2

I still haven’t seen the results from last weekends competition. I said to Sarah, “I missed that snatch, I don’t even wanna see the results”. I was pretty mad at myself for that, for letting my teammates down. It might not have mattered in the end, but I hated that I missed it. My goal for the competition was to hit the 2 rep hang snatch at 205, a weight that I hadn’t hit before, even in training. But knowing that the environment was going to be that of a competition, I figured I could add 7 measly pounds to my previous best of 198. I couldn’t. And hitting it for 3 single reps on 3 different attempts garnered my and Grant exactly zero points, it was useless. So where are the results? I don’t know, maybe they are out there somewhere on KOP’s site or on some app, that I don’t want to figure out how to use. But in looking back on the weekend as a whole, I can see that WE, CrossFit Thermal crushed that competition.

No one cared that I missed the snatch, and the day and the competition went on. I met Mr and Mrs Vanderbeken at their car and spoke with them about the competition. I later bumped into “Big Frank”, Frank’s Dad, and talked to him about how he continues to CrossFit in his sixties at CrossFit Proven. During the pistol whipped WOD, I remember hearing the MC, give us a shout out over the PA system and how our entire gym erupted into cheers. I started realizing that winning the competition or even hitting that snatch, had no bearing on the kind of day that Crossfit Thermal was having, and I felt like a million dollars.

Watching so many of us compete was awesome, guys like Deeks, Drew, Matt C, Aileen, Britt, Danielle and Frank were inspiring. These are members of the community that for the most part, didn’t do CrossFit BT (before Thermal). Now they were at a local competition and they absolutely belonged there. They were competing and winning against a bunch of other CrossFittters that wake up everyday and say “ya know, I’m freakin good at this stuff”. Well so are we, and our community stood behind us with beers in hand, and made sure that everyone knew that Thermal was there.

The brawl was a great event for us, and I hope that others are inspired to do local competitions. I’m always humbled by things like this, and I always come back training even harder than before.

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