Mark Your Calendars – February Events


Lots to talk about for February guys…

First off, next Thursday 2/12 we’ll be bringing in Dave Reeman for body work and active release therapy.  $20 for 20 minutes, please sign up at the bulletin board.  Dave will be here from 4:00-7:45pm.

Saturday 2/14 is Valentines day and we’ll be doing a couples friendly partner WOD at our 9 and 10am classes. Come solo if you’d like and we’ll pair you up with someone.

Thursday 2/19 is the end of the CrossFit Thermal Nutrition challenge.  Please bring in or submit your materials for review.

Friday 2/20 – CrossFit Thermal “Challenge is Over” Happy Hour from 7:30pm til whenever???  Location is TBD, watch the blog for details, it will likely be Guppy’s or GAP in Conshy – vote in comments if you’d like…

Thursday 2/26 – 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open starts!!!  Join us after the 6:30pm class for the live 15.1 WOD release party.

Saturday 2/28 – Reebok CrossFit Open 15.1 at CrossFit Thermal, Heats starting at 9:00am.


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