Member of The Month Ernie Neve

Congrats “Big E”, we’re looking forward to your custom workout this Monday 11/28.

About Ernie;

Ernie is a lifelong fitness Enthusiast, as well as a lifelong hockey player. His hockey road started at the age of five When Ernie started skating. As he progressed up through the hockey ranks, It became clear That more strength and fitness. Could improve his hockey. His hockey road took him all over the eastern half Of the US and Canada. ultimately. Ernie played NCAA division 3 hockey at SUNY Buffalo. While training for hockey Ernie was doing CrossFit moves before CrossFit was even invented. Ernie continues to play senior hockey two to three times per week. Once his college hockey career was over. Ernie turned his attention To more serious weight training and fitness. He competed as a natural bodybuilder in multiple competitions throughout his. 20s and 30s. Not long after, he became certified in several group fitness disciplines. The most notable being Johnny G spinning. Ernie taught spinning at La fitness. From 2000 through 2010 and his classes were always filled to capacity. He also did some competitive mountain biking and adventure racing before settling into his current Crossfit routine.