Power Hour Events 8-18

Coming out of Main Event “Tag Team” we will start out with 2 shooters.

Shooter Event 5

The Rat Race

This event will require 3 participants per team – any gender. At the call of 3-2-1 GO, the first athlete will bear crawl 160ft, they will tag the lunge athlete, who will do the same and the 3rd athlete will finish with the handstand walk portion. First team to complete this relay race wins!

  • Bear Crawl 160ft (down and back)
  • Lunge Walk 160ft 
  • Handstand Walk 160ft 

Shooter Event 6

Muscle Up Face Off

This event will require 2 participants per team – 1 male and 1 female.

At 3,2,1 GO all four contestants will begin an AMRAP for :90 on Max Ring Muscle-Ups (2 each)  The winning team is the team with the highest total.

Main Event 4 “Stealing Home”

At 3,2,1 GO, the first of 5 athletes will begin, they need to clear one movement before the next athlete can start. 5 Athletes must pass through the entire workout with 1 person on any given movement at a time Athletes may not pass one another. (waterfall style)

5 People needed, and each go through the whole thing towards the finish line

  • 10 Sandbag Over Shoulder 100/75 (this has been lowered from 150/100)
  • 12 Box Jump Overs 24/20
  • 14 DB Snatch 53/35
  • 16 DB Thrusters (8/8)

Shooter Event 7:

“All Downhill from Here” Ski Erg Race

Each team will need 5 athletes – any gender. Athletes will rotate in order 1-5 two times through completing 20 calories each time they get to the Erg. First team to reach 200 Calories and cross the finish line wins!

Shooter Event 8: 

“Ass to Grass”

  • AMRAP 1 Minute- Overhead Squats 95/65 (From The Ground) 1 Male/1 Female from each team.

At the call of 3,2,1 GO. Both athletes may get the bar into an overhead position from the ground. Once in position athletes have 1:00 to get as many overhead squats as possible.

Shooter Event 9

“Down on the Farm”

This contest will have 2 females from each team and 2 males from each team. They will perform the workout at the same time. The team who accumulates (20) gym length carries first wins! Pairings may switch and tag in and out as they see fit. You may not run while carrying the KBs

  • 1600ft Farmers Carry For Time 70/53 (Dual)

Shooter Event 10 “Hangman” – Max Rope climbs in :90

2 Athletes from each team of any gender, working on (1) rope per team.

Shooter Event 11 – “Leapfrog”

Team Broad Jump for total distance. 4 athletes from each team, with at least one female. Athletes will jump one at a time and add up their total distance for the win!

Shooter Event 12 – “8 Pack”

Max Unbroken Toes to Bar – this is a single athlete (male heat and female heat) head to head contest. Teams will rock paper scissor (best of 3) to start with the loser going first. Unbroken in this case means – coming off the bar or missing a rep.

Shooter Event 13 – “Vinny’s Nightmare”

For Time – 30 burpee box overs (30/24)

This is a single athlete (male heat and female heat) head to head contest. Teams will go head to head at the same time (female heat , then male heat). First one done wins. The runner up must finish within 1 minute of the first person to gain 2nd place points.