Member of The Month Nick Gatto

Nick grew up in Blue Bell and has the same backstory as many Crossfitters, sports etc. He turned down running track at UVM for Mardis Gras and warm weather in New Orleans. While at school in New Orleans, 2006, he didn’t prioritize fitness. In 2013 he decided to get active again and joined Crossfit. Fast forward and Nick is now back in the area, having met his wife Emily and welcoming three amazing kids, Julina, Lilah and Grayson. He’s been at Crosssfit Thermal/Conshy for 7 years and loved every iteration of climbing back after periods off with kids and life. Nick always enjoys how the people at Conshy play such a large role in what makes this community great, through the laughs and energy in every class, from 5:45am to the 7:30pm “express” (After 7 years Nick’s been consistent at a lot of different times when work and life allowed, but back at the best class…Noon.)

Don’t miss Nick’s Member of the Month custom workout, coming later this month!