Member of The Month – What is It ?

Member Of the Month Returns

Way back when, in the old space, we never missed a single month of our Member of the Month Celebration.  The we moved, and then the pandemic, and before we noticed, it had become a thing of the past.  After a ton of requests, and some time revamping it with the coaches, we are happy to be bringing this milestone event back to CFC.

The member of the month is chosen each month by the coaching staff.  We aim to choose a member who has committed to the culture, and core values of our gym.  This usually ends up being someone that is here all the time, attends gym functions, encourages others, and generally tries to embody the spirt of what we do here.

Once selected, the chosen member is sent a survey to fill in with his or her favorite and least favorite workouts and movements.  We then take that information and craft a custom workout in honor of the member. The workout then lives on forever in WODIFY and can be repeated at later dates.

We just announced this month’s selectin – Kevin Doyle!  If you see him, give him a fist bump.  You can read Kev’s member of the month writeup in our last newsletter, and you can look forward to his custom workout coming this Wednesday – “Doyle Rules”.

If you have a suggestion for someone who you think should be the member of the month next month, let us know! 

Congrats Kev, for being our February Member of The Month