What’s In The Box – 2/22/2022

Open News for this Friday, 2022 Benchmark Skills and Lifts, and Congrats to our Member of the Month!!

2021 Mad Mullets

The 2022 Open is here!  This Friday you’ll experience one of the most exhilarating workout environments that you can imagine.  Come for the workout, stay to show your support, and hang out in our weekly post Open socials. 

As you know, each week will carry a theme for Friday’s event.  For week one the theme is “Team Spirit”.  So in order for you team to be awarded the 5 points for “Theme”, you’ll have to be the team that most embodies the idea of “Team Spirit”.  What does that mean?  That’s up to you and your team, its being loosely defined purposely with the hopes that you make it your own and have some fun with it.  Maybe the dogs come in with collars on?  Maybe the “Mad Mullets” all come to throw down by showcasing some mullet wigs…or actual mullets!  That stuff would be extreme – but get with your team captains and WIN those points.

Remember, the weekly “Spirit” award is completely separate – the spirit award goes for “spirit of the open” and is not related to “team spirit” as a theme.  For the “spirit” award, think of those members who stick around, and count for others, lift up beginners, scream and cheer for folks who are crushing workouts and take to social media to spread the vibes!  If you capture the spirit of the Open, the coaches will take notice, and you could earn an extra 5 points for you team!

Keep in mind – while the main event is Friday night, we understand folks train at other times of day and these awards can be earned at ANYTIME – not just the evening sessions.

Once Friday night gets here – we’ll be running rolling heats starting at 4:30pm. While this depends on what workout is announced, you may show up at any time between 4:30 and 7pm to enter a heat and complete the workout.  More information on that will be made available once we know what the workout is.  Classes at 5:45am, 7am and Noon, will run on time as usual and will complete the Open workout as well.

Lets Get Better Together – 2022 Benchmark Skills and Lifts

Congratulations to this month’s member of the month!! Kevin Doyle

Doyle grew up playing tennis, swimming, football (short career: shattered leg in his first play freshman year during homecoming game… luckily ended up being a good excuse for why he didn’t have a date for the dance). Since then, he has kept busy playing tennis, golf, hunting, competing in Tough Mudders, triathlons, and a marathon. He is a big fan of the pickleball movement. Doyle moved to Conshy last year. Never having done CrossFit before, he walked into CFC 8 months ago and hasn’t looked back. Doyle has become a big fan of CFC because every class is challenging, driving him to keep showing up and working at it.

Stay tuned for Doyle’s member interview and video, coming soon…..