Open Gym Time – Update

Squad, we’re super lucky to be able to offer as much Open gym time as we do. The space is great for it, and the overwhelming majority of us use the space appropriately. I wanted to take a moment to just send out this quick reminder about the space usage.

  1. Hours. Please understand that we do have opening and closing hours, it shouldn’t be assumed that you will be permitted to stay in the gym when we are not open for business. Right now I’m writing this blog post and 3 people are lifting (its 2:45 in the afternoon), this is totally fine, and 100% acceptable. But, please don’t assume that someone will be here at 2:45pm everyday. While this is usually the case, it may not always be. Open gym is officially offered whenever the gym is open for business. While I have no desire to ask anyone to leave so long as we are here, please understand if we aren’t here you may not have gym access. This comes on the heals of doors being left unlocked and stragglers wondering in off of the street. Its about safety, gang. What used to be 3 or 4 level 1 CrossFit Coaches who had keys for various reasons, and knew how to run the facility and lock up has risen to about 15 members who like the off hours lifting. All good, that’s not going away, I just wanted to share with you why this is something we have to keep an eye on. Long story short, if we’re here you can be here too, just don’t assume you’ll be left here in the gym after hours.

2. “Focus”. One of our core values is Focus. Having open gym and CrossFit classes running simultaneously sometimes pulls the focus from the main class. Trav and Nick both had vacations over the last month and I coached a bunch of classes (thanks for having me!) The one thing that I found particularly challenging was constant bailing from the Forge during whiteboard briefs and while doing the initial coaching for the day. You guys know how classes run here – we front load our coaching, then give members a chance to practice, dial in and load up. So , easy fix. When in the Forge, please eliminate bailing while coaches are coaching. Best practice, warm-up and mobilize while the class is warming up and mobilizing so your bailing matches with the intensity segment of class. Let us coach and run the group classes with a high level of professionalism and efficiency and we’ll all be able to do what we need to do.

Thank you