Protein, and the Renewal of Supplements at CFC

By Travis Youngs

We talk a lot about fitness and the philosophy of CrossFit within our community.  A lot of what we do is functional and is intended to keep us going long into our later years.  We know that constantly varied movement over different intensities allows us to move well and feel great day in and day out.  However there is a another layer that we vaguely discuss as a community, but it holds tremendous weight on how we feel after a tough workout or a series of heavy lifting.  Nutrition. 

Without taking an absolute deep dive into the world of nutrition, we can simplify the conversation with one question.  Are you eating adequately to recover?  Whole, non processed, foods would be ideal post workout, but “Coach, there’s no way I can eat directly after a workout”. makes sense, and is totally understandable. This is also where a recovery shake, or protein shake, comes in.  Many in our community are of two minds when it comes to a protein shake.  “I’ve been doing some version of fitness for a number of years so I know about protein shakes” or “I am new to this whole fitness thing and I always wondered why people were playing ‘shake weight’ with a water bottle”.  Protein shakes serve as a kick starter for recovery for all of the broken down muscles in your body post workout.  They help repair muscles and can play a vital role in weight control when it comes to healthy calories.  

There are many different companies and brands out there, but a good protein doesn’t leave you gassy, bloated, or otherwise feeling ill.  Clean products have historically been tough to come by, but within recent years, some companies have stepped ahead of the competition and been backed by big nutrition names in the CrossFit game. 

As a gym we’ve been through many brands in the past and they have had varying levels of interest within our membership base. Now as a staff we’ve set out to solve the issue of, revitalizing our supplement line by:

  1. Educating our members on the importance of post workout nutrition and why protein shakes fit into this equation for some of us.
  2. Provide a high quality , clean, and good tasting brand.
  3. Provide those products with consistency and at a great price.

First, we want to make sure you are interested!

Next Month, we will be introducing the FNX Brand Supplement line. For our first order of business we will be doing a whey and vegan based tasting here at the gym. As you know, if you don’t like the taste, you won’t drink it!  

The Free Tasting , Tuesday February 14th / Wednesday February 15th

When: Tuesday Noon and evening classes and Wednesday morning classes

Where: CFC

For Who? Anyone who drinks protein shakes or is curious about them.