Have YOU Signed Up For The 2015 CrossFit Open

So you’re still on the fence about joining Team Thermal in the 2015 Open?  I’ve spoken to many of you about how this is a chance to see what pushing yourself to the next level is about.  This is an opportunity to see how you’ve improved yourself.  There are no prerequisites to being on this team and we can’t stress enough how there is always some magic in the Open.  I recently came across an article about competition while reading a friends blog, and I thought some of you could benefit from this idea too.

“So, let’s put this into perspective when it comes to competition.  Given a growth or mastery perspective, how should we approach competition?  I say competition is a tool.  It is a tool that we use to bring out the best in ourselves.  We spend months training, reflecting, refining, repeating.  When competition comes around, you are gifted with an opportunity to test yourself against your former self.  It’s highly valuable and should be taken with a mix of enthusiasm and supreme presence in the moment.”

– Eric Malzone, Gravitas Human Performance Lab,

Full article – http://www.gravitaslife.com/competition/



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