Thank you for the Support

Thank you to everyone that came out today. It was a great day for a great cause!

In order to accommodate different people’s schedules, we are rotating the days that we bench and press. For planning purposes (esp. those who are 2 or 3x/week members) here is the schedule for the rest of the cycle: Bench on Wed 10/29, Mon 11/3, Tues 11/11, and Wed 11/19. Press on Thurs 10/30, Thurs 11/6, Friday 11/14, Thurs 11/20. 1RM tests will be 11/24 (bench) and 11/25 (press). Don’t forget to use the Forge if you need to make up a day. Getting your 3×5 in should only take 20 minutes tops and can be done before or after a WOD.