Our First “Member WOD”

Today we begin a new tradition at Thermal: Member WODs. We will be recognizing long-standing members of our gym who embody the culture of CrossFit. Much like the Hero or Girl WODs on main site, this workout will be designed to fit our recognized member: it will include movements that they enjoy or are particularly good at, plus it will include numbers (reps, sets, rounds, etc) that are of significance to that person. We hope to release a Member WOD about once a month and we hope to see you at the box on Monday!


What an honor to be the first Thermal member WOD. I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 5 years. I’ve made some of my best friends because of it and become stronger and more confident than I ever imagined. Growing up I was swimmer – never the fastest but I had great technique. Being at Thermal I am reminded of the team atmosphere that I loved.

When I’m not at CrossFit I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. They all love to do burpees. Well maybe they all don’t love them but they think what I do is cool. Hopefully they will become future CrossFit kids!

Strength / Technique

Take 15 Minutes to build up to a heavy 1 rep hang power clean

*doesn’t have to be a 1RM, this could be more technique focused



For time:

3 rounds of:
12 hang power cleans, (125/85#)
22 KB swings, (53/35)
28 double unders
after the 3 rounds, 50 burpees

8 Responses
  1. KT

    Megs! oh, those burpees hurt so good this AM! I love this “tribute” to you today! You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know….always willing to help out a friend….anytime, anywhere. You are one strong chicka and I’m so proud to call you my workout buddy! You’ve been rockin it at CF Thermal and can’t wait to celebrate many more PR’s with you!

  2. Roni

    Way to go Megs!! Loved the work out in honor of you today! Not gonna lie, those burpees kinda sucked at 6am!!
    I’m glad your back to a few am classes because you always push me to work harder! Congrats on being the “first” member WOD!!!

  3. Vin


    Carter 205/13:55 Rx
    Roni 105/11:47 Rx
    KT 145/8:47 Rx
    Tanya 50/12:00 scale
    Julia 65/12:37 scale
    Amanda 105/12:31 rus
    Ryan 165/16:36
    Moog 145/15:25 95 scale
    Jesse 125/13:36 95 scale
    Robin 105/13:44 65#
    Plentus 225 / 10:28 Rx
    PH (tech) 12:24 du scale
    Brian 165 / 13:56 115#
    Sizzle 155 / 18:59 95#
    Gabe 235 PR / 14:50 rx+ 135#
    WW 185 / 16:18 115#
    Megs 115 / 11:15Rx
    Kate 160# / 8:47 rx
    Aileen 125 / 11:37 SU
    Vin 255 / 8:47 Rx
    Lloyd 235Pr / 15:28Rx
    John 195 / 14:54 100/35
    Aoife 55 / 14:50 scale 45#
    Karen did work
    Dinger 160 / 14:13 105/45
    Russ 145 / 18:00 95/ du scale
    Panos 195 / 17:09 Rx
    Dustin 175 / 14:31 du scale
    Shannon 85 / 12:16 55#
    Drew 155 / 15:17 95/Du scale

    Great vibes today in all classes guys…way to start the week!!