The 2023 Open is Here, Get HYPE!!

I say “Hype”, I feel like some of you guys say “Hyped”, either way!!!

This is my favorite video ever about the Open, its 10 years old now, and its certainly vintage, but it still gets me every time. Give it a quick watch then read on:

“Prove to yourself, that you have improved yourself”

Ok gang, we’re just a day away from 23.1 and over the past month, we’ve put out a ton of communication about what to expect. This post is gonna recap some of those and I’ll use links to previous posts and articles to fill you in. I’ll also throw out some new info you may not be aware of, lets dig in.

“What is it?” – I live under a rock

No problem, maybe you’re a new member or have never done the Open before. Here you go;

To get all the details – check out this article

Sign up officially for the No Bull CrossFit Games Open

It’s not too late to sign-up for the official CrossFit Open, or the Intramural Open. If you want to be on an intramural team – just tell any coach and we’ll add you to the free agent list so you get placed on a team.

What team am I on?

Check Instagram and the Facebook members group for team rosters, or look at the leaderboard in the gym and find your squad.

Free agents that we have as of now are being add in the next few hours.

What goes down the Next 3 Fridays at the gym during the open?

Straight up friggin Pandemonium, baby!!

The Open will be hosted at all Friday class times on February 17th, February 24th and March 3rd.  All members are encouraged to make classes on Friday whenever possible.  Evening’s sessions will be highlighted with DJs, rolling heats and weekly socials during and after the workouts.  Show up for the evening event if you can!  There will be no re-dos or make-ups without permission from a coach.

Here is the complete scoring system!

Now, depending on the time you roll in , your experience will vary. Best practice, quit your job and stay all day.

Am and Noon Classes – each class will run 2 or more heats, counting and scoring for each other, all under the watchful eye of certified Judge and Level 2 Coach – Travis Allen Youngs.

Evening Classes will operate on rolling heats. This means that you can arrive anytime between 4 and 6:30pm and sign up for a slot. Once you complete the workout, you may be asked to count for someone else, and you’ll definitely be asked to hang out. Your hosts will be Coaches, Sam Agostini and Vinny “No Rep” Joyce.

Boozing. Stink and drinks are popular during the Open, however we’re keeping it under control this year. A lite beer, or canned seltzer is cool, but combining bourbon with beer, slapping the bag, beer funnels, and shots will be frowned upon this year – we’re a professional gym, damnit.

Shit, I’m new, I don’t get it.

Just show up to the normal class time like you would regularly, and have an open mind.

Missing Friday, re-dos and, Competitors

Ah yes, the bane of my existence – just kidding, I went to regionals in 2012 haha, so I get it. One time I had tacos brewing for the post workout social in the office while the workout was going on, and Tyler almost lost his marbles. That was my bad, and I certainly ruined his workout that day. That being said, if you are trying to hit quarter finals and beyond, and you need certain accommodations, we got you. Some of you guys need cameras rolling or certain bars for pull-ups and whatnot. Cool, cool… we think the best environment for that will be during the evening classes when the atmosphere is poppin, but if you would like to come in and complete the workout during open gym that’s cool too, see below.

Official Open gym time – Saturday 9-10am – no problem.

Off hours Open gym time all day – Get permission from a coach

Closed hours – Be accompanied by a coach

If you participate. and are a part of the event, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you for re-dos and off hours completion.