What’s In The Box? Feb / March ’23

Hey gang, we’ve been dripping out a lot of communication lately and wanted to reel it in a bit as the month is coming to a close and we have a few things coming up. Our Oly cycle is now behind us and we have a nice fresh cycle of training to look towards over the next 9 weeks.

Before we get to that, we have to round out the next 2 weeks of the Open. We still have 23.2 and 23.3 to look forward on the next two Friday nights – don’t miss out.

Our next training cycle will begin after a quick buffer week coming out of the Open. Here is what to expect;

Strength – Tempo Training + Wendler style lifting elements

Skills – Strict Gymnastics work

Conditioning – Longer Met-cons (18-24) minutes

That being said, we’ll still hit our Oly lifts and our short sprint workouts too, this will just be our focus.

We’ll also tackle the following benchmarks during this next cycle.

“Cindy”, “Point Break” and “Supersonic”check out the workout descriptions here.

Housekeeping and Other Stuff you might have missed.

Theme 23.2 – Jersey Night!

Shouting out our local pro sports teams, (Eagles, Phillies and Union) for almost going all the way, wear your favorite sports, player or team Jersey to 23.2 to earn theme points for this week. More info on the gram.

Member of the Month

The February Member of the Month – Quinn G, – Workout has been rescheduled to 2/28 due to 23.1 having a very similar feel. Check out Quinn’s story here


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