Preparation – Comp Training

The Girls on Girls competition at CF KOP is just around the corner on Jan 16th.  I know everyone is looking to have fun with this, but I also know that doing well is fun as hell, lets talk PREPARATION.

I’m thinking we should try to get the ladies who are competing together for some additional training if possible.   There is a huge advantage in CrossFit competitions to knowing the WODs before you show up to compete.  Since we will know the WODs, we should run through them once or twice each.  Here are some specific advantages to doing dry runs.

  1. You’ll know how you’re going to feel.  Knowing that you can go unbroken on a set of 21 KB swings and that it won’t crush you for pull-ups is a key piece of the puzzle.  When you do dry runs, you’ll have an idea of how you’ll feel on game day, and if you need a different approach.
  2. You and your partner will know each others signals.   You might not be able to have full on discussions with your partner in the heat of the WOD. You want to know the signals that people might display right before they need a break.  Possible signals might include, ugly reps, red face syndrome, mouthing words like, fu#k or “I hate this”.
  3. You’ll have a baseline.  If you know that in practice you got 2 rounds plus 30 reps, you can realistically set an expectation for yourself on game day.  Maybe you go for 2 rounds plus 40 reps?

Let me know if any of you ladies are interested in doing this, there are two things I can do to help.

  1. Program the WODs for Thermal as they come out.
  2. Set up additional times for comp training over the next 6 weeks.  8am on Saturday, 8am on Sunday or 7:30pm on Wednesday nights. Let me know if you would show up for this.


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