The Murph Challenge 2023

Each year for Memorial Day we host an Event here at CFC called “Murph” or officially “The Murph Challenge”.  “Murph” is a Hero workout, performed in the honor of Lt. Michael P Murphy, who was killed in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in 2005.  Since we opened in 2013, we’ve hosted this workout to honor his sacrifice and the sacrifices of all service men and women killed in combat.  In addition, it’s been a great event for our community bringing us all together in the spirit of Memorial Day for a great cause and a great workout.  

How to get involved;

  1.  Go to the official TheMurphChallenge Site and register, you’ll be asked to make a donation, but you’ll be registered as an official participant this way and receive a tee shirt and or hat.
  2.  Show up and participate – you don’t have to donate to honor the workout and the cause, come in and get after the WOD on Memorial Day.

At the conclusion of the workout, we host a traditional barbeque complete with backyard games and other fun filled activities.

Click here to bring an item for the BBQ

We hope to have all of our members here on what’s sure to be an amazing workout and event! Friends and family are welcome to attend, but please let us know in advance. There is no “Open Gym” on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Schedule

Doors Open / Coffee Consumption 8:30 am

Gather the troops / standards / announcements 9:00am

Warm-up 9:15

WOD starts 9:30

BBQ Starts 11:00am


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