Tis The Season…To Stay Healthy


Tis The Season…To Stay Healthy

Thoughts on a healthy approach to this years Cold and Flu Season by Brittany Maze, MSN, AGACNP – What what!!!!!

Hey gang,

With the leaves beginning to change color and the temperature starting to plummet, we know that fall has officially arrived. While this season brings football, and pumpkin spice everything, it also brings runny noses, allergies and the common cold.

Each year we send out an email requesting diligence with handwashing, sanitizing equipment and staying home if you are ill. Although these practices have become embedded into our brains due to COVID-19, we still feel it’s worthy of a friendly reminder to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Let’s take a moment and be real here folks. The symptoms of respiratory viruses, from the common cold to COVID-19, are very similar.
We must work together, as a community, in order to maintain a clean and virus free environment. How do we do this? If you begin to feel any symptom of a respiratory virus (see chart below) we ask that you please stay home. This is not the season to think “oh I’m just run down, let me go sweat it out”. If you feel run down, you most likely are, please stay home and rest.

The frightening part for all, is differentiating the common cold from COVID-19. Included below is a chart provided by Main Line Health, to help differentiate what your symptoms mean. As always, it is best to consult with your health care provider so they can make an accurate diagnosis.  Again, if you begin to experience any of the symptoms below, please stay home.

While the direct impact a of flu season coupled with COVID-19 remains to be seen, we must follow the preventative measures of washing our hands, cleaning frequently touched objects and social distancing throughout the gym.

As always, eating a nutritious diet, staying hydrating and getting good sleep are just as important to keep your immune system thriving this fall season.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you need help differentiating your symptoms, or questions on COVID-19, my contact information is listed below.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Britt’s email : [email protected]