Titan Phase II – Dead Lift Work

For those of you that wonder where we come up with some of the strength pieces we do, I wanted to share some info today.  Newbies read no further, just show up and be ready to go!
Almost every dead lift program out there is designed to increase raw strength and therefore is based on improving 1RM over the course of the program.  In our case we’ve decided to work on volume as its more directly related to what we do as CrossFitters.
The University of Cal Poly has a program that was designed for sprinters and is based on volume.   The issue is that its a 3 day program and it urges no other barbell training during the cycle.  For us, what I’ve done is combined the 3 days into one day of training and augmented the percentages to work in an hour class but still stay as true to the program as possible.
We’ll be hitting big sets of volume and accessory work on dead lift days and throughout the week.  Other areas of focus will be pulling (lats), grip strength and core work to help us stay tight during these long sets.
Looking forward to helping everyone get stronger and increase our work capacity over the next 8 weeks.  Mondays are for dead lifts….
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