Tracking Your Progress

Hey guys, so we’re basically one week into the challenge and hopefully the first week has you starting to feel better and enjoy some of the dietary changes you’ve made.  There are two reasons that you should be logging your results for the challenge.  First, you’ll need to keep track of what you’ve been doing in order to win.  You can do that in two ways, you can simply right down or otherwise log (spread sheet / google doc / tracking app) whatever you do in the course of a day that is relative to your goals and the challenge. For me, that means I right down my sleep total, whether or not I succeeded being Paleo(no sugar or grains is assumed) and any alcohol consumption or lack thereof.  You can also, simply give yourself the appropriate number of points achieved based on the challenge guidelines.  It’s honor system though, so be critical of yourself.

Secondly, and even if you don’t care about winning, you should be logging just to stay accountable.  You’ll be much more inclined to stay on point if you have some way of reporting what you’ve done.

Make sure you guys are tracking, its for your own benefit.  I’ve bee receiving a ton of emails with questions, pictures of food ,and daily meal plans from our members, KEEP THEM COMING.  If you’re not sure if what you’ve been doing is right, or in line with challenge, send your questions over right away!  Great first week of the challenge guys!