Welcome “Back in Balance”

Hey guys, just wanted to announce a new partnership that we’re bringing to CrossFit Thermal.  I had an opportunity to meet with Sam and Megan from Back in Balance this week and I was blown away.  These two are legit guys, and can help you improve your mobility and ability to recover through onsite sessions at CrossFit Thermal.  I encourage everyone to visit them this Monday evening, its only $1 per minute and I know you’ll be impressed!  Here is some more information about what they offer.

Back in Balance is a massage therapy practice that specializes in getting, and keeping, athletes moving. When most people hear “massage therapy” they generally think of hot stones, body wraps, and other spa-type massage. While we utilize certain traditional release methods, we use therapies not found in spa setting that allow us to get the real results our clients are looking for.

We utilize Neurokinetic Therapy to test and find out what is actually going on with your muscles and then fix the problem. This way we are treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. And we don’t stop there.
If there are chronic issues, we look at how you move to analyze for deficiencies that may be causing problems. Small technical details, especially when performed at moderate- to high-intensity can cause problems with how your body functions. Along those same lines, surgeries or past injuries that many people think they just have to live with can be made more mobile or many times fixed completely.
Come talk to us and see what we might be able to do for you. Even if you don’t think we can fix it, we will probably surprise you.
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