Welcoming Jordan Korn

CrossFit Thermal is pleased to announce our newest staff member; Assistant Coach Jordan Korn.  Please join me in welcoming him to the staff if you see him around the gym over the next few days.  When looking to bring on our next staff member, we wanted to find someone who will help move us in the right direction.  We wanted someone who exemplifies what CrossFit really is, someone with passion as well as the experience for the job.   I got to know Jordan while coaching the noon class over the past few months, and his dedication and ability didn’t go unnoticed.  Jordan routinely asked me for my keys so he could show up a few hours early for noon class to put in extra work.  This was the first thing that told me that he was serious about training and improving himself.  Watching him move in class, and using him to demonstrate movements made it clear that he was a highly skilled mover and that he knew what good form looked like.

Jordan comes to us having coached under regional athlete Terrence Fenningham (CF T1) and American Open Weight Lifting qualifier David Lee (CF Manayunk).  He has a wealth of knowledge and was able to gain outside experience from his time spent at 3 gyms prior to CrossFit Thermal.

You’ll probably see Jordan early in the week at noon or 4:30 classes, give him a high five or a fist bump if you do see him, as we are pumped to have him on the coaching staff.  After that give him another high five since he just got engaged last week!  Congrats, Jordan and welcome aboard, the Thermal members are lucky to have you helping out.


Coach Vin

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