What the Heck is the “WOD”?

I was having lunch today with my friend John, who was excited to hear about CrossFit Thermal. He had some basic questions about how CrossFit worked and specifically about Thermal. One of his questions was, “well can I come in and just do whatever I want?” When I said, “No” he stared at me puzzled for moment as if to say, “Why won’t you let me do whatever I want if I am paying you?” Of course I answered his question and explained everything from coaching to community, but as I was driving back to the box, I wondered how many more people had some 101 style CrossFit questions. As I was thinking about what to do, I got an email from a member that read something like “uh the workout looks….interesting”. I could tell that she had some questions too. I sat down and thought to myself, I really want everyone to know what to expect when they come in to work out, so here is some basic info on what we do…..I’m calling it, “What the heck is the WOD?”

The “WOD” or Workout of the Day is the day’s workout. Everyone who comes to class on a given day will perform the WOD.

Obviously the loads and other factors will be altered to meet everyone’s specific abilities and goals, but this ensures that we all are all battling the same workout together. When loaded movements are required, the weight selection will be listed as “men’s weight/women’s weight”. These numbers are considered to be the recommended loads for most of our experienced members. The workouts we post are designed to challenge even the most experienced athlete. Not everyone can complete a workout as prescribed, and some never will, but this should not discourage you.

Each person’s goals, abilities and experiences are different, making each workout different for every athlete. Intensity is the lone variable. We will set you up so that you are able to move quickly through every workout, while taking minimal rest.

Every workout can be scaled according to load, time, volume (repetitions) and distance, and exercises can be substituted for another. We emphasize each athlete’s strengths, not his or her weaknesses. In other words, we value what you can do, not what you cannot.

Regardless of your current fitness level and/or limitations, Crossfit Thermal will improve your overall fitness and health. So come check out a WOD, even if you don’t know what the heck it is…