What’s In The Box 3-17-2022

Congratulations to our March Member of the Month Caroline Garvey!

Caroline grew up playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and dabbled in track. In highschool, she discovered rowing through her older brother Quinn and didn’t look back. She was eventually recruited D1 by UMASS and rowed all 4 years of college, winning 1 A10 conference championship. After graduating, Caroline enjoyed the newly found freedom and picked up new hobbies like hiking, biking and rock climbing. Like with rowing, she got into CrossFit because of Quinn and first joined in March of last year. Throughout the last year, there have been many accomplishments but the one’s she’s most proud of are: hitting a 305 PR deadlift, learning to handstand and do kipping pullups.

Don’t miss the “Caroline G” house WOD coming your way on Monday March 28th!

Looking back on the 2022 Open

Thank you for making the 2022 Intramural Open the biggest and best its ever been. We had over 100 participants and 22 first timers. The staff and I truly had a blast hosting!

Special congratulations to the winners of our Intramural Open!! “The Mustached Masses”. This Squad took home 1st place  through consistency and teamwork! 

They didn’t always have the top scores in every division , but they never had major defeats. .They showed up big each week and made sure teammates completed the workout and submitted a sheet.  A high level of participation was key to their victory.  Congratulations to all the teams, and everyone who participated and pushed themselves to a new level.

No Time To Waste!

Our gym didn’t waste anytime coming out of the Open – we got right to work setting benchmarks for this month. On Wednesday, we hit double unders and strict pull-ups. Check out some of the top performers!

Dubs (left) Pull-ups (right)

Don’t miss Friday’s benchmark workout that brings us back to running, “Breaking Bad”. Show up, and lets get it! The Forge will operate under benchmark rules for Friday. Closed for random Metcons during prime time 5:30-7:30 pm unless you’re injured / rehabbing or otherwise can’t perform the house wod. See a coach if you have questions gang!