What’s In The Box – September 2023

Happy “Second Summer” gang, here is what you need to know for the rest of this month around the gym!

Barbell Cycling continues through September.

We hope that you’re enjoying some higher volume lifts and complexes.  The fun continues through September with BIG sets so chalk up, throw that hook grip, and hold on!

September Benchmarks coming your way

We kick things off with “Fight Gone Bad” this coming Friday!

Member of The Month

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month – Alyssa Fern! Don’t miss her custom workout coming later this month.

About Alyssa;

Alyssa has always found joy in movement and the therapeutic aspect of it. She started her journey at 4 years old in dance class where she would grow to find her passion for 16 years competing and traveling, ranking nationally in competitions across the country. She also competed in gymnastics, horseback riding, and figure skating throughout these years keeping her active, competitive, and busy. When an injury stopped her from beginning her collegiate career in dance, she needed to shift her energies to a new form of movement. This landed Alyssa in the gym for the very first time.

Intimidated as ever, Alyssa embraced the beginning of a love/hate relationship with standard methods of working out. She quickly grew to love her new gym routine and began adding in classes such as spinning, Bootcamp, kickboxing, HIIT, and Barre. Alyssa’s passion for movement was taken to the next level when she completed her certification to teach Barre and small group training classes. She went on to teach for over two years finding it to be one of the most rewarding experiences helping others reach their fitness goals and feel welcomed in class no matter what their fitness level.

After conversations with friends about CrossFit Conshohocken, Alyssa decided to take a risk and try something totally new and foreign in the fitness world. At her first trial class, she was VERY intimidated by the new movements (many of which she had no clue what they even were) and the heavy weights. However, she decided to embrace the scary jump and dive headfirst into the CrossFit Conshy community!

A year later, Alyssa has found her home at CFC thanks to the AMAZING community of coaches and members. She is incredibly thankful for the ​​constant support, teaching moments, laughs, new friendships, and most of all the motivation to not give up on herself. The coaches and members have pushed Alyssa beyond what she thought possible allowing her to tackle new PRs each week and grow physically and mentally stronger. She is even competing in her first competition in November! The CFC crew has given her something to look forward to and work towards every day, especially on some of her toughest days, and for that, she is forever thankful!


Forge Use

Lately we have seen an increase in Forge (secondary space) usage.  Over the years, we have seen The Forge transition and be used for everything from rehab to competitive CrossFit training.  We love having this extra space and seeing it used by so many members.  Of late, it has become a significant part of our gym and even new members are finding time to get extra work done there.   

What we need to do as an organization is layout a clear expectation of how the Forge can operate. Most of the veteran members that are there “get it” and are already operating using this approach.  However, for the sake of consistency and so that new members understand how the space can be used we will be releasing an official set of expectations for Forge use.  If you’re already using the Forge regularly, this will be nothing new to you, just keep doing what you’re doing.  The lack of official communication is our fault, and we will get a list of rules / etiquette and post that up in the Forge shortly. 

I hate rule signs in most cases, but we must get something down on “paper” and stick to it for the overall good of the gym community. 

Personally, I did a lot of coaching this week, and it occurred to me that a lot of things I saw happening have never been adequately communicated.  I’ll do a better job on that front moving forward.   

In the meantime, while using the Forge please keep these items in mind.

Please don’t bail repetitively over coaches coaching.  If you’re doing a met-con in the Forge, time it with the classes met-con or don’t bail. 

Do not enter the main floor to get equipment once class has started.  This is happening constantly with rowers and bikes. 

We are a headphone free gym.

Thank you