What’s In The Box – August 2023

I’m not gonna say, Happy end of Summer, because we’ve got plenty left to go! Lots to announce here, so lets dig in!

New Strength Phase – Barbell Cycling

Our new cycle kicked off this week gang, I hope you’re ready for some volume lifting!  While our last few cycles have been framed by third party sources (NCFIT and Mayhem) our newest training phase has been constructed by our very own Travis Youngs.  You can expect to see lots of higher volume barbell complexes for the clean and snatch. (Think Monday’s clean work) As well as some sets of 10 for the push press and back squat.  Traditional strength training generally focuses on sets of 1,3 and 5 whereas this approach leans more towards hypertrophy and muscular endurance.  All great stuff that we all need!  That being said, we are an OG CrossFit gym, so you’ll have plenty of met-con work, skills and benchmarks layered into all the barbell fun. 

August Benchmarks


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Member of The Month

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month – Tony D

Tony grew up in Breinigsville, PA where played soccer and ran track through high school. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he received his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a commission in the United States Air Force. Soon after leaving the service, he got married to his wife Christy, and had two boys (Bryce and Griffin). He put his fitness on the “back burner” with the occasional 5 mile run and sporadic workout while he coached his boys in youth baseball, soccer, and football. In 2016, a friend introduced Tony to CrossFit and he joined CF Lake Oswego in Oregon. He immediately fell in love with the challenge and difficulty each WOD presented. Tony joined CF Conshohocken in 2021, and credits our coaches and the CFC community for encouraging him to push himself a bit more each workout. Last year, Tony turned 50, and he feels like he is in the best shape of his life. In fact, in the past two months, he has gotten his first handstand pushups and muscle-ups while logging 1RM PRs in his back squat, push press, bench, and snatch. He really enjoys being a part of our 5:45 AM crew and -even though he found CrossFit later in life- plans to be working out with us for many years to come.


Thank you to the CFC Facilities Team for getting our bathrooms upgraded this month.  Our plans to become a hipster tap room are now one step closer to reality! 


Two quick reminders gang

  • Chalk

If you are crazy chalk user and leave chalk on everything you touch, please clean up after yourself.  We keep the place clean in general, but if you chalk above and beyond, help us out.  Leaving chalk on monitors, rower handles, and the floor are a clear sign you are over chalked.

  • Don’t clean barbells with wipes (or other metal equipment)

Gang, barbells rust, they should not be wiped down with sanitizer wipes.  I know this comes from a good place, but bars are cleaned with oil and special brushes to preserve their properties.  If you bleed on a bar, please tell a coach – we have a special solution meant to clean that. 


The Summer Slam Competition is this weekend at CF Generation – 417 Caredean Dr, Horsham, PA 19044

If you’re free, come on out and support our teams.  Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. 

Here are the teams and heat times.

Event 1

Heat 1, 9:15 am- DDB (Emma C, Coach Lauren, Brian H, Coach Travis)

Heat 3, 9:43 am- Them Cunshy Kids (Jill A, Emmy B, Coach Nick, Matt L)

MFing Conshy (Coach Sam, Farris, & friends)

Heat 5, 10:11 am- Quadruple Threat (Denise B, Jason S, & friends)

Heat 7, 10:39 am- Six Packs and Anxiety Attacks (Hannah M, Sean F, & friends)

Event 2

Heat 1, 11:33 am- DDB

Heat 3, 12:11 pm- Them Cunshy Kids

MFing Conshy

Heat 5, 12:49 pm- Quadruple Threat

Heat 7, 1:27 pm- Six Packs and Anxiety Attacks

Event 3

Heat 1, 2:31 pm- DDB

Heat 3, 2:41 pm- Them Cunshy Kids

MFing Conshy

Heat 5, 2:51 pm- Quadruple Threat

Heat 7, 3:01 pm- Six Packs and Anxiety Attacks

Boozers, and Anyone still reading

Impromptu post comp gathering at Me and Britt’s Crib – all our welcome, 818 Renel Rd Plymouth Meeting.  Bring your love of 2000’s emo, country music and a bathing suit for some inflatable slip and slide fun!