For strength, do two full cleans (squat) first, then a jerk. Find the heaviest weight you can do for that complex. Then for the metcon, load the bar with 70% of the weight from strength. You’ll do an ascending ladder AMRAP of clean and jerks and double unders. The clean and jerks for this part do not have to be full squat. Your score is the total completed “rounds” plus extra reps. For example, if you get 9 clean and jerks and 75 of your 90 double unders, your score is 8 + 84. (finished round of 8/80, then 84 extra reps)


Take 20 Minutes to Find a heavy complex of:

2 Cleans + Jerk


AMRAP in 10 minutes:
1 clean and jerk, 70% from strength
10 double unders
2 clean and jerks
20 double unders
3 clean and jerks
30 double unders

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