Take a few minutes and find your starting (or target) weight for the snatches. During the EMOM, try to focus on being consistent and making all of your lifts look, feel, and sound the same.

For conditioning, you’ll start with a 500M Row to get the lungs going, then immediately start working through the triplet of power snatches, V-ups and double unders. For the snatches use a moderate weight, you should not be able to string sets of 5, if you’re scaling the weight, it should be heavy enough that you need to do singles. Double unders should take no longer than :45 seconds, scale to an appropriate number on those. Today we’ll be offering the option of RX+, for an added challenge, change the V-ups to T2B, this is only an option if it won’t slow you down.


EMOM for 10 minutes 2 snatches, ascending or static


in 13 minutes:
Row 500m
then in remaining time AMRAP of
5 power snatches, 115/75#
10 V-ups (RX+ T2B)
25 double unders