And The Runner Up Is……

This week we’ll be announcing the winner of the CrossFit Thermal Fall 2015 Nutrition Challenge.  It was a tight race, so what I’ve decided to do was announce the runner up first.

Let’s hear it for our second place finisher!  From the day time, and 4:30 crew, from the University of Drexel, from the camp of “Athletes who can’t double under”,  from the land of “people with serious WODIFY pictures”


Doug crushed this seasons challenge, he kept awesome notes about what he was eating and how he felt from day to day.  Doug tested and retested his body fat and overall weight throughout the course of the event ending with a total weight loss of 8 pounds and 3.6 % body fat reduction.   Doug accomplished this in the midst of a bachelor party and several other out of town events.  If you see Doug in the gym, be sure to tell him that he looks ripped up and that he is awesome!

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