Sports have always been a big part of Meghan’s life. A huge chunk of her childhood and high school years were spent on the basketball court, soccer or lacrosse field, or baseball diamond . There were not many sports that Meghan couldn’t pick up and excel at quickly. The thing that she absolutely loved the most was the “TEAM” aspect, the desire for a group of individuals to come together to achieve a common goal-to be better than all the rest. After years of being removed from competitive sports, Meghan felt a huge part of her missing; that competitive fire. This is what Crossfit Thermal has re-ignited in Meghan. Meghan feels like an athlete once again and it makes her feel SO ALIVE.

My first crossfit experience was mediocre at best. I was going through the motions, but just didn’t feel that burning desire to get better and stronger each and every day. There was no TEAM inspiring Meghan to push the limits. Then an old friend from high school, MAX EFFORT, Courtney Schilgen, convinced Meghan to try CrossFit Thermal. She was very resistant to this idea, but after the first few sessions, she instantly felt connected to the “Crossfit Thermal TEAM” and was ready to give this Crossfit Thing one more try.
The EXPERIENCE has pushed her in ways she never thought possible. From finally being able to do a HSPU (extreme fear of being upside down) to getting two pull-ups in a row without a band , this has been an incredible ride.

This community is more than just a great workout to Meghan.
It is a place that has re-kindled an old high school friendship for which she will be forever grateful and a place that has given her some new friendships. She is proud to be part of the CF Thermal TEAM and wants to thanks the athletes and coaches for always pushing her, believing in her and making her LAUGH. She is ready to continue battling each WOD with all of you in 2016.

Meghan would also like to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to an honorary member of the Thermal Family, Megan C, for being very supportive of the community. We hope you join us soon.

AMRAP in 20 min:
8 push presses, 95/65#
12 box jumps, 24/20″
8 KB swings, 53/35#
12 sit-ups

EMOM 8 air squats

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