The 3 position snatch is designed to have you focus on the important positions in the snatch. When we only pull from the floor, there is a tendancy to pull straight up. When we do the 3 position snatch, it reinforces the idea that you need to pull the bar into the pockets and that the bar path is actually up and slightly back so that the 2nd pull can initiate from the hip position.


3 sets of pull up work (negatives, static holds, strict, ring pull ups, etc)


4 sets for perfect form:
3 position snatch (hip, top of knee, floor)


In 60 seconds:
5 strict HSPU’s
AMRAP wall ball shots in remaining time
rest 30 seconds

repeat for total of 5 rounds

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1 Response
  1. Coach P

    Tanya 35/87 8#
    Oleg 105/57 sb
    Mike 85/86 sb
    Nate 85/57 sc
    Aoife 35/115 sc
    Dani 35/110 sc 10#
    Moog 90/49 neg
    Amanda 95 clean/80 push ups
    Mike 85/112 sb
    Brian 105/81 ab
    Plentus 115/109 Rx
    Westwood 85/91 sb
    Ph form/105 sb
    Sizzle 115/71 sb
    Molly 55/85/sb
    Robin 45/81 sb
    Ramon 55/82 sb
    Grant 145/96 Rx
    Kate 85/102 ab
    Heath 45/81 ab
    Jesse form/59 sb
    Deery 95/154 sc
    Ben 75/82 sb
    Aileen 45/107 sc
    John 95/85 sb
    Shannon 45/49 sb
    Lloyd 95/97 Rx
    Andrew 65/83 ab
    Russ 65/63 sb
    Sam 45/103 Rx
    Charm form/85 sc
    Greg form/84 sc

    welcome to Charm and Greg for stopping in and trying out the 6:30!