1/30/2015 – “Pavan”

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Today we are recognizing our January Member – Pavan! We like to recognize long-standing members for their great attitude and contribution the Thermal community. First, a story from Pavan:
“I would like to narrate a little story about how I got into CrossFit and my about all the amazing memories tied with it…Here is my take on it.

It all happened over a weekend while I was driving from Conshohocken to center city. I saw the sign for CF Thermal from my car and I wanted to know more about it and later walked into one of the classes. The set-up of CF itself fascinated me so much that I wanted to take the class that very minute. The first person I spoke to was Vinny and he was kind enough to explain me all the specifics of the class. I took my first class and never looked back. It is almost a year and my passion for it grew more and more each day. During this process I have treasured some great memories working out at Thermal. In addition to weekly classes the competitions made it worthwhile to spend time here. I could feel a complete transition in myself within no time. Every class was a challenge yet a great experience to my life. One of my most memorable time is the race I ran for civilan military combine. Apart from workouts and competitions I have made a few good friends at CF Thermal.”

And from our coaches:
“Pavan shows up and gets the work done without complaint. He isn’t afraid to work on technique and knows how to play the long game. He’s an OG and in the last 30 days I feel like he has made tremendous improvements in his technique, form and style too – his lifting shoes are sweet. He’s a dedicated 630-er and loves buying shots for other thermal members.” Congrats Pavan!


skill: take 10 minutes to work on anything you need to work on


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
5 power cleans, 115/75#
9 box jumps, 24/20″
10 KB swings, 53/35#
14 hand release push ups

Coach P’s 7th CrossFit Anniversary is today. Read his “7 Things I Learned from 7 Years of CrossFit”

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11 Responses
  1. Sarah

    Yes! Love everything about this post!! Pavan, I love seeing your face at the gym! You are such a great part of the Thermal community! I cannot wait to be back and work out with you again!!

  2. Coach KT

    6 AM ladies crew
    Becca 4 +24sc
    Roni 6 +12 75#
    Tanya 5 +4sc – 20″ box, you go girl!
    nice work with handstand, rope climb and DU progressions!

    And to Pavan – I love your story and I love your smiles every time you come to class! Keep up the great work!

  3. Aileen

    Pavan, you are awesome! You’re such a dedicated, positive presence at Thermal & this is well deserved! Can’t wait to get my “Pavan” on at 4:30 today!

  4. Meg nolan

    I’m sad I missed this workout. Pavan—- you are one of my favorite people at CF thermal. Thanks for being an awesome part of the community!

  5. Vin


    Jesse 7+13 95#
    Trish 6+3 45# sc
    Moog 4+27 95#
    Ryan 4 105#
    Rachael 5+5 Rx
    Britt 5+6 75# sc
    Danielle 6+2 60# sc
    Wood 6+25 115# sc
    PH 6+21 RX
    Gerry 6+7 95#
    Nate 5+2 95#

  6. Coach P

    Gabe 6+5 Rx
    Sizzle 4+17 Rx
    Matt S 4+20 85#
    Mike D 6+27 Rx
    Robin 6+32 65 sc
    Russ 4+24 Rx
    Justice 5 Rx
    Matt 5+24 95#
    Eric 6 Rx
    Charm 4+32 35/20
    Greg 4+29 75/35
    Megs 7 Rx
    Aileen 6 Rx
    KT 7+28 Rx
    Dinger 5+6 95#
    Frank 5+1 Rx
    Pavan 5+18 95#
    Nick 6+28 105#
    Molly O 7 55#
    Lam 4 in 11 min
    Edgar 4+6 65/75#