Starting today, CrossFit Thermal will have a Saturday 11:00am session.  This session is less structured, and will allow athletes looking to improve in specific areas and an opportunity to do so without racing a clock.  Still questing after that first muscle up? Need to work on your mobility in the overhead squat? This is your chance. This is also a great opportunity for those of us entering the 2015 CrossFit Open, to round out your game and get prepared for 5 weeks of competing. Coaching will be available for those interested and we welcome anyone and everyone to find a goal and achieve it, find a problem and fix it, come in and have some fun while improving your skills and fitness.  This is a free class for all monthly and contract members.  We hope to see you there!!!

Today is a day to work on high skill movements at a reasonable pace. Results will be marked as the muscle up progression you used and the highest snatch weight used. Choose appropriate scales to work on these elements in a proficient manner. You should find plenty of time to rest each round, but don’t rush the movements. Snatches are full snatches, but if you are a beginner, do a hang power snatch + OHS or a power snatch + OHS. You may increase weight each round, but focus on form.

Here is a video of V-ups: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/v

10 rounds for completion:

Each round is 3 minutes long. Complete the work for quality and use the remaining time to rest:
Minute 1: 3 muscle ups or 5 strict pull ups
Minute 2: 3 snatches (increasing weight each round, or ~80%)
Minute 3: 10 V-ups

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1 Response
  1. Vin

    Marc 135 / MUA
    frank 125 MUA
    Mike L 110 Pull -ups
    Plentus 125 / MU
    Scott 105 / Pull-ups
    Matt C 115 / Pull-ups
    Beaver KB
    PH KB / Pull-ups
    Ashlynn scale
    Dinger 75 / Pull-ups
    Gabe 115 / Pull-ups
    John 125 / Pull-ups
    Court 45 / Pull-ups
    Rachael 65 / Pull-ups
    Vin 115 HPS / MU