Similar to Tuesday’s shoulder press, find 3 heavy working sets of 5 front squats (increasing weight between those working sets, but not huge jumps)
Then, you will pair up in teams of 2 for the metcon. Partner A starts the AMRAP and continues cycling through for 60 seconds. At the 1 minute mark, Partner B steps in and continues the AMRAP for 60 seconds. (note: they do not start with 10 box jump overs, they start wherever Partner A left off) Continue in this fashion (alternating 1 minute of work each) until the 12 minutes is up. Your score is total number of rounds as a team.
Box jump overs do not need full hip/knee extension on top of the box. You may jump completely over the box or pause on top and hop over.


5, 5, 5 Front Squat


AMRAP in 12 minutes in teams of 2:
8 box jump overs, 24/20″
10 hang power cleans, 105/70#
12 lateral burpees over bar

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  1. Vin

    Grant 245 (7+14)
    K 145
    Nate 175

    Dawn 115Pr
    Trish form
    Britt 125 Pr
    Amanda 125 Pr
    Sizzle 165
    WW 165
    Brian 175
    Ross 165
    P 255
    Bob 175
    Kate 165
    Frank 205 Pr
    john 205 Pr
    Juliet 65
    Joe 175
    Matt 175 PR
    Ramon 175 Pr
    Aileen 130 Pr
    Danielle 100 Pr
    Drew 160 Pr
    Deery 275 Pr
    Megs 130 Pr
    Molly 80